Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try

“Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try, A Memoir About My Three Husbands”

Book  Overview

Kimberly has led an interesting life when it comes to relationships. Love, loss, and trust have played a major part in her life. From a husband that lived on the down low to having a husband with an ongoing criminal history, to finding a husband that she believes she can spend the rest of her life with.Her constant struggle with men has led her to her third marriage by the age of 40. She is an over achiever in all areas business, work, education, and socially but, she just can’t get it right in the relationship department. Kimberly continues to strive because nothing beats a failure but a try!


This book is inspired by my emotions and personal experiences that I have gone through in my life. There are many women experiencing some of these issues every day and I just want to let them know that we don’t have to go through a lot of unnecessary changes to find true love. There are a lot of mixed emotions about my life. There are some women that tell me that I should be proud to have had 2 husbands and that I am married currently, and they have not had one. And then there are others that probably are thinking just the opposite, of how and why I had so many husbands and I am not even 40 years of age, yet. Is there something wrong with me? I always thought that when you get married you are supposed to be in love and with that person for life. I never intended to be married for the third time. Things happen, though. Take a lesson from my life experiences and change something that is not going well in your lives. If we pay attention, we can avoid experiencing domestic, abusive relationships that we confuse as true love.









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