Kimberly has been with her lover/soul-mate/confidante/husband for over a decade, and a proud mother of three beautiful daughters and five wonderful grandchildren.

Kimberly attended Gloucester County College with an Associate in Business Administration, then went to Omega Institute where she received her Computer Information Specialist Certificate and then onto Lincoln Technical Institute where she studied to be a Computer Technician.

Kimberly has worked in the mortgage industry for over 13 years as a loan officer for various companies. When the market crashed Kimberly ventured into a couple different careers such as Comcast Cable and Brinks Home Security, until she decided to go into business for herself. Kimberly has been an active mobile certified Notary Signing Agent since 1993.

Kimberly has been self-employed since 2008, where she founded Positively Dressed- where she donates prom dresses to underprivileged teen girls by hosting an annual fashion show.  FOLLOW US @  and LIKE US @  She also, founded K & J Event Planners  and Elegant Jewelz- her custom-made jewelry line, in which bought on the idea to open Elegant Jewelz Boutique- Specializing in jewelry, accessories, handbags, clothing, shoes, and more.  LIKE  

In 2012, Kimberly launched a book called, “NOTHING BEATS A FAILURE BUT A TRY, A Memoir About My Three Husbands”. Then she went on to write, ‘Event Planners- Everything You Need to Know to Have a Successful Event’, and she collaborated with several other authors to write, ‘Empowered Women of Social Media and Global Voices of Social Media.’LIKE US @   She host an annual event called, “The Arts & Authors Extravaganza” as an anniversary for her book. LIKE US @

In 2014, Kimberly realized that she had empowered a number of women over the years, so to continue with this venture she founded POW – Power of Women Network. POWnetwork is an expanding network where women can come together to collaborate ideas, leadership, empowerment and networking. This is a powerful group that will encourage women to pursue their passion and calling by taking immediate action and transform their lives.  JOIN US @

Kimberly is currently employed as a Formalwear Manager of the Men’s Wearhouse where she specializes in Rentals and Retail since 2014.


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